Maperson's is a family owned and operated liquidation warehouse, located in Oklahoma.

Our Story


The Hurst family, headed up by Chris and Karie Hurst, operate and manage the business. The entrepreneur couple have lived in Eastern Oklahoma for over 20 years and wanted to create a place for people to buy the best products at the lowest prices. When it comes to running the business, it’s all-hands-on-deck for the Hurst family: daughters, sons, mothers, cousins--everyone shows up to help unload, inspect, and organize products for sale. It’s truly a family affair. This sentiment extends to the customers online: the Hursts treat them like family.


Pierson often does a lot of the heavy lifting around Maperson's. He loves spending time with his dad and learning the details of running the business. While away from work, he works out, plays golf, and spends time with his friends. Pierson is currently a student in college majoring in Business he looks forward to where the future might lead him.


Madison enjoys working for her parents at Maperson's and says that being able to spend quality time with family while building the business is the best part of her job. When she’s not unloading items and working sales, she likes to relax by watching tv, shopping, and spending time with her friends.



Coleson, the youngest member of the Maperson's team, loves basketball, football, math, science, and sports in general. He loves team work and helping other. He was even awarded the Fort Smith School District Superintendent’s Award. At Maperson's, he has found his stride working in quality control, specifically for the toy section. Coleson has a keen eye for superior products but what he enjoys most, however, is playing hide and seek among palettes of products after a new shipment arrives.



Karla loves working at Maperson's because of the atmosphere and the opportunity to work with friends and family. She enjoys talking to new people and seeing excited customers find deals they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. She admits that when she’s not working she’s more of a homebody, preferring to stay at home with her husband, Levi, of 16 years and their dog, Buddy. She also is active in her church, The Sanctuary, and leads the congregation in song praise on Sundays. She hopes to be able to stay on with Maperson's as the business grows and so she can continue to spend time with the family.


Sharon, mother to Karie Hurst, enjoys opening the palettes to discover the treasures that come off every truck. When she’s not sorting merchandise she loves taking short trips to Branson or the beach with her husband and spending time with her kids and grandkids. She also dedicates her time to planning dinners, services, and meals for The Pentecostal Church. She’s happy to work for Maperson's and celebrate the growth of the family business.