Welcome to Warehouse 64

Welcome to Maperson’s

Welcome to Warehouse 64! Warehouse 64 is a family owned and operated liquidation warehouse, located right off Highway 64 as you enter Roland, Oklahoma. The warehouse is just a quick trip across the Arkansas River from the shops in downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas.

The Hurst family, headed up by Chris and Karie Hurst, operate and manage the business and shop floor. The entrepreneur couple have lived in the area for over 20 years and wanted to create a place for people in the area to buy the best products at the lowest prices.

When it comes to running the business, it’s all-hands-on-deck for the Hurst family: daughters, sons, mothers, in-laws–everyone shows up to help unload, inspect, and organize products for sale. It’s truly a family affair. This sentiment extends to the customers that walk into the Warehouse: the Hursts treat them like family.

As owners of another successful company in the region, So Southern Co., Chris and Karie saw a need in the community for a place like Warehouse 64. People struggle everyday to make ends meet only to go home to a space they don’t enjoy. We all need to feel at peace in our home. It’s hard to justify paying retail prices for home goods. Warehouse 64 provides the best quality at the most reasonable prices–turning luxury into a possibility for their customers.