Our Virtual Warehouse

Our Virtual Warehouse. Thanks for stopping by and looking around at what we have. We are Warehouse 64, owned and operated by the Hurst Family in Roland, Oklahoma.

Our warehouse is a liquidation store dedicated to getting our customers the best deals for the best products. So many people are struggling to make their home a peaceful place that they enjoy. It’s our mission to make luxury a possibility for anyone who walks in our store or browses online.

We know that since 2020 many of our customers have been worried about social distancing and keeping their families safe. We wanted to make sure that all our customers can shop our inventory from the comfort of their home.

In our virtual warehouse, you’ll find much of the same products that you would find in our brick and mortar location. Though the products may be similar, options for shipping may be limited and could require in-store pick up. This mainly applies to our larger items, appliances, and furniture. This may change in the future as we are continually working to improve our operations and keep our customers happy.

We’re so glad that you found our site and we look forward to making your life easier. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for shipping updates, sales, and new merchandise.